A highly successful real estate developer  based in Seattle, David Zarett has been responsible for numerous high profile projects in the Seattle area. David has demonstrated the ability to increase the value of properties by identifying commercial and creative trends in neighboring areas, investing in high-quality renovation, and collaborating with talented architects and design teams to transform turn-of-the-century industrial buildings into high-end retail and creative spaces.

Receiving his education in business at Oregon State University, David Zarett’s more than 25-years in real estate development is marked by many impressive achievements. Included among them is Zarett’s acquisition of a former cold storage facility and transforming it into contemporary corporate and creative spaces with sweeping views of Seattle. The development, leased to The Cobalt Group and Starbucks Coffee Company, has been cited as one of the keys to urban renewal in downtown Seattle’s warehouse district.

In his free time, David Zarett enjoys traveling, music and is an avid outdoorsman. With an appreciation for literature, David Zarett particularly enjoys the works of George Orwell, Katherine Dunn, Ayn Rand, and Raymond Carver.

Apart from his work in real estate development, David Zarett also contributes to charitable organizations and other philanthropic causes—including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and American Red Cross. Additionally, David Zarett has supported Camp Korey at Carnation Farm, a summer camp for children suffering from serious illnesses.


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