About David Zarett

Drawing upon years of impressive experience, David Zarett’s career as a skilled real estate professional has been marked by numerous major successes. Most recently employed as the Director of Development for Zarett Properties, David Zarett has been responsible for a number of high-profile real estate projects in the Seattle area. A highly capable businessman, David Zarett has consistently displayed the ability to work easily and efficiently alongside contractors and architects to greatly improve the worth of his properties. One development that was a considerable success for David Zarett and Zarett Properties was the purchase, renovation, and leasing of a former cold storage facility in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. The building, now the corporate headquarters for The Cobalt Group, is widely viewed as a successful transformation for the progressing area. An additional success for David Zarett regarding the Cobalt building was his work in successfully negotiating the lease and construction of Starbucks’ northwest regional headquarters.

However, David Zarett is distinguished for more than just his business savvy. A devoted part of the Seattle community, David Zarett has given substantial support to a number of deserving charitable organizations and philanthropic causes. Among the causes David Zarett supports is Camp Korey at Carnation Farm, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the American Red Cross, and Doctors Without Borders. Additionally, David Zarett volunteers with at-risk youth and the homeless in Seattle.

A graduate of Southern Oregon State University in Ashland, Oregon, David Zarett earned his B.S. in business. A fitness enthusiast, David Zarett enjoys hiking and yoga. Zarett also enjoys playing basketball, golf, and tennis. A voracious reader, David Zarett lists the works of Ayn Rand, Ernest Hemingway, and Aldous Huxley among his favorites.



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